Party time

Apparently there’s no slowing the Queen Bee down. Despite being pregnant, Beyonce is determined not to rest on her laurels and has been keeping busy with a multitude of new projects, including a video for ‘Party’ featuring J.Cole. It’s set to premiere later this week, but until then, all we have is a quick preview to get us in the colorful and happy mood.

Whedon does Much Ado About Nothing

For any Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, or Firefly fans, your wildest hopes and dreams have just come true. Well, maybe not, but this is still super exciting news: Joss Whedon has just filmed Much Ado About Nothing with possibly the best cast ever. For anyone who wished to see actors from all Whedon’s classics mashed together in one spectacular ensemble, this is it! He just released this press-release, and you can visit the official website here. Who else is as excited as I am?

Don’t Miss: Supernatural!

One of my all-time favorite guilty pleasures is the CW sleeper hit Supernatural. Now in its 7th season, it managed to stay on the air due in large part to a rabidly devoted cult fanbase. The show shouldn’t be such a surprise hit – with a strong cast, and typically solid writing, it’s a great campy romp the start the weekend off. Tonight’s episode, however, has me especially excited because they’re bringing on as guest stars James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter, whom many of you know as Spike and Cordelia from the incredibly popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. The Supernatural team, led by Sera Gamble now, has always been aware of and appreciated their eccentric fanbase, and this episode absolutely feels like a nod and a wink, once again, to the valued supporters who’ve so devotedly followed the series all these years. I for one, know my Friday night plans. Are you going to watch it?

“Hart of Dixie” brings the heat!

If you’ve been following the new CW series Hart of Dixie you know last night’s episode was the guilty pleasure of every female viewer. My hat’s off to the writers for using a heat wave as a ploy to get all of the men on this show shirtless and sweaty, it certainly made for a much more interesting show. While nothing unpredictable occurred, it was fun to see Bilson’s character let loose a little bit and highlight her comedic abilities (surprisingly stronger than you’d expect) and also gave the audience greater insight to the as-yet unlikable Lemon Breeland, played to a tee by Jaime King. As the female characters became a little less two-dimensional and a lot more interesting, the male cast of this episode went in the exact opposite direction. While we got to see Mayor Levon Hayes (Cress Williams) torn over his feelings for Lemon, and Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel) showed us an almost softer side… their real purpose was to look hot and tempting for the duration of the hour long episode. Which, might I add, they did admirably. What are your thoughts? Are you enjoying this series so far?

The Muppets Soundtrack

I mentioned my excitement over the upcoming Muppet movie in this post, but now I’m about to explode with joy because the soundtrack list was recently released and it looks amazing. Not only is a new version of the Rainbow Connection being re-released, but Bret McKenzie from Flight of the Conchords (such an underrated series) has contributed four new songs. Meanwhile Feist and Joanna Newsom have added vocals to “The Muppet Show Theme” and “Life’s a Happy Song”. This is set to be a true Muppet adventure and I can’t wait to join it on 23 November 2011.

The Muppets Soundtrack List:

“The Muppet Show Theme” – The Muppets
“Life’s a Happy Song” - Jason Segel, Amy Adams and Walter
“Pictures in My Head” – Kermit and The Muppets
“Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard” – Paul Simon
“Rainbow Connection” – The Moopets
“We Built This City” – Starship
“Me Party” – Amy Adams and Miss Piggy
“Let’s Talk About Me” – Chris Cooper
“Man or Muppet” – Jason Segel and Walter
“Smells Like Teen Spirit” – The Muppets Barbershop Quartet
“Forget You” – Camilla and The Chickens
“Rainbow Connection” – The Muppets
“The Whistling Caruso” – Andrew Bird
“Life’s a Happy Song” – Finale Entire Cast
“Mahna Mahna” – Mahna Mahna and The Two Snowths

The Avengers Trailer

Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed the beginnings of a fairly epic gathering of Marvel Comic superheroes. In collaboration with Paramount Pictures, Marvel has released the Iron Man series, Thor, and Captain America. We all knew it was leading up to this point, and we finally have the official trailer for The Avengers. While the movies were released to varying degrees of success, The Avengers should at least provide some quality eye-candy between Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr., Cobie Smulders, and Gwyneth Paltrow, there’s a little something for everyone. Are you excited about The Avengers? Do you think it’ll live up to the hype?

Game Time

Raise a pineapple in the air if you’re excited for the return of Psych on Wednesday! I know I am. But until the next 48 hours pass, why don’t you check out USA Network’s new mystery game, #HashTagKiller, online.

As described by Mashable, it “uses videos created… specifically for the game, as well as puzzles, clues and Facebook messages between series leads Shawn and Gus” so fans can interact and solve cases alongside their favorite fake psychics. Give me a couple of hours and I have no doubt I’ll be hooked.

In the first few hours up, over 10,000 visitors signed up to play and at its peak, the game received more than 6,000 requests per minute. Something tells me that this is the way forward for entertainment everywhere. We no longer just want to watch events unfold on screen but also we want to participate through Facebook, Twitter, and various other social media outlets. I’m excited to see what happens next.

You can find the game at

What do you think of this new interactive experience? Is this the way forward for TV fans everywhere?

Image via: Mashable