Game Time

Raise a pineapple in the air if you’re excited for the return of Psych on Wednesday! I know I am. But until the next 48 hours pass, why don’t you check out USA Network’s new mystery game, #HashTagKiller, online.

As described by Mashable, it “uses videos created… specifically for the game, as well as puzzles, clues and Facebook messages between series leads Shawn and Gus” so fans can interact and solve cases alongside their favorite fake psychics. Give me a couple of hours and I have no doubt I’ll be hooked.

In the first few hours up, over 10,000 visitors signed up to play and at its peak, the game received more than 6,000 requests per minute. Something tells me that this is the way forward for entertainment everywhere. We no longer just want to watch events unfold on screen but also we want to participate through Facebook, Twitter, and various other social media outlets. I’m excited to see what happens next.

You can find the game at

What do you think of this new interactive experience? Is this the way forward for TV fans everywhere?

Image via: Mashable

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